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Born 31 Jan 1820, Gargrave, Yorkshire, England
Died 25 Nov 1893, Kamas, Summit, Utah, USA

Wife: Adelia GROESBECK
1822 - 1910

1820 - 1893

Wife: Eline Hansene LARSEN
1838 - 1921

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Photo courtesy of Verl Lambert.

Adelia's family (about 1905) clockwise from Adelia, seated center: Jedediah Grant LAMBERT, photo of John LAMBERT(father), Richard Franklin LAMBERT, Emma Cordelia LAMBERT PACK, Mercy Harriet LAMBERT LEWIS, Mary Adelia LAMBERT GIBSON, John Carlos LAMBERT, Sarah Amelia LAMBERT PACK.

NOTE: Click here for a photo of Adelia and her surviving siblings taken about 1900.

Photo and identification of individuals courtesy of Kathy Weiland.

Daughters of John LAMBERT, Left to right: Mary Adelia LAMBERT GIBSON, Sarah Amelia LAMBERT PACK, Ann Marie LAMBERT WHITE, Emma Cordelia LAMBERT PACK, Mercy Harriet LAMBERT LEWIS, and Emeline Agnes LAMBERT CARPENTER. The first five are the daughters of John's first wife, Adelia; Emeline is the daughter of his second wife, Hansene. The photo was taken before 22 Mar 1928 which is Sarah's death date. It was probably taken in Kamas.

Eline Hansene's ("Sena") family about 1895. Front from left: Ephraim LAMBERT, Emeline Agnes LAMBERT CARPENTER, Sena, Dan LAMBERT. Back from left: Elena Dorothy LAMBERT MICHIE, John Benjamin LAMBERT, Mary Elizabeth LAMBERT MONTGOMERY, Joseph Heber LAMBERT, Rebecca Cornelia LAMBERT MERRIT.

Sena's girls about 1895 (taken the same time as the photo above). Clickwise from 12:00: Emeline Agnes LAMBERT CARPENTER, Elena Dorothy LAMBERT MICHIE, Mary Elizabeth LAMBERT MONTGOMERY, Rebecca Cornelia LAMBERT MERRIT.

Photo taken in September of 1910, probably at a celebration honoring Sena's birthday. Five of her six living children sit in the middle row on either side of her with their spouses standing behind them. Surrounding all of them are her grandchildren. Individuals are identified here.

Photo and identification of individuals courtesy of Kathy Weiland.

These children of John LAMBERT were present at the dedication of the Lambert Monument erected on the site of the first home built outside the fort in Kamas, Utah. The home was built by John near the corner of First East and First South. Left of the monument are children of John's first wife, Adelia: Mercy Harriet, Emma Cordelia and Ann Marie. Right of the monument are children of his second wife, Hansene: Joseph Heber and Emeline Agnes. The monument was dedicated in July 1942.

Photo courtesy of Bert Hunter.

Can you identify any of these people? The photo was labeled "The Lambert family" but individuals were not identified. They look like LAMBERTs, but I don't know which ones are who! I'm guessing the photo was taken about 1905 - 1915. If you can identify anyone, please e-mail Venita!

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