Richard Lambert Family Album - Photos


(Brother to John Lambert)

Born 17 Nov 1822, Gargrave, Yorkshire, England
Died 4 Jul 1907, Rock Creek, Hancock, Illinois, USA

1822 - 1907

1824 - 1901

When a photo has a blue border, you may click on it to see a larger, higher resolution version. All photos and idendifications on this page are courtesy of H.P. Morgan of Missouri, great great grandson of Richard and Jane Thornber Lambert. Thanks Phil!!

Richard and Jane T. Lambert, about 1885.

Back: (Sons of Richard and Jane) George Perry Lambert, Alexander Franklin Lambert, John Henry Lambert, Joseph Richard Lambert, William Thornber Lambert, and Daniel Freeman Lambert.
Front: (Daughters of Richard and Jane) Agnes Hannah Lambert Stevenson, Harriet Lucy Lambert Redfield, Susannah Martha Lambert Mapes, Father, Richard Lambert, Mother, Jane T. Lambert, Mary Elizabeth Lambert Siegfried, Margaret Jane Lambert Siegfried Head, Ellen Vay Lambert Pitt.

Photo taken at the 1900 Richard Lambert Family Reunion held at the family homestead, Rock Creek, Hancock, Illinois.

Richard and Jane T. Lambert with their children and grandchildren.

Fourth Row (back): Alex Lambert, Arthur Lambert, Ed. Pitt, Joe Siegfried, Sam Siegfried, Clarence Lambert, John Lambert, Joseph Lambert, George Lambert holding Grace (baby), Richard Lambert, William Lambert, Thomas Stevenson, Willard Lambert, Frank Mapes, Daniel Lambert.
Third Row: Susie Lambert, Minnie Siegfried holding Goldie (baby), Margaret Thornber, Agnes Lambert Stevenson, Hattie Lambert (wife of George), Anna Lambert holding Everett (child), Tillie Lambert, Mark Siegfried, Maggie Lambert Head, Charley Siegfried holding Mary (baby), Jane Siegfried, Mary Lambert Siegfried, Alice Lambert, Johnnie Lambert, Maggie Fish Lambert, Ellen Pitt, Hattie Lambert (wife of Daniel).
Second Row: Hazel Mapes, Gerald Pitt, Lester Mapes, Floyd Pitt, Irene Lambert, Pearl Redfield, Tot Lambert, Richard Lambert, Grandfather, Jane T. Lambert, Grandmother, Elbert Lambert, Emery Mapes, Leland Lambert, Homer Siegfried, Lena Siegfried, _____, Lula Pitt.
First Row: Florence Stevenson, Grace Lambert, Mabel Stevenson, Alex Siegfried, Clara Siegfried, Clara Lambert, Richard Head, Lena Lambert, Anna Lambert, Estella Stevenson, Elma Lambert.

Photo taken at the 1900 Richard Lambert Family Reunion held at the family homestead, Rock Creek, Hancock, Illinois.

Cottonwood trees planted by Richard Lambert at his homestead in Rock Creek.

Aerial photo of the Lambert homestead taken in 1955 and published in This is Hancock County, Illinois, by John Drury, © 1955 by The Loree Company, Chicago, Illinois. The farm was then being managed by Elbert Lambert, grandson.

A photo of the Lambert homestead taken in 2011 by H.P. Morgan, great grandson. (Thanks for sharing, Phil!) A view of the farm via Google maps is available here.

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