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Born 8 Jul 1806, Lundby, Lyderslev, Præstø, Danmark
Died 27 Feb 1876, Salt Lake City, Utah Territory, USA

Hans Larsen
1806 - 1876

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This photo is labeled "Stoneworkers, Salt Lake Temple." Hans LARSEN worked on the temple until his death in 1876, except for the time he spent in Fillmore, Utah, helping build the Territorial Statehouse there. In Denmark he was an experienced mariner. He is said to have used those skills to help move the granite blocks into position on the temple walls. That's Hans, front row, last on the right. The other's aren't identified.

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The four surviving children of Hans and Eline LARSEN. Seated from left: Eline Hansene LARSEN LAMBERT and Petrine Christine LARSEN MILLER. Standing from left: Marie Magdalene LARSEN OBLAD and John George Erastus LARSEN. (Taken before 1921)

Three of the four surviving LARSEN siblings. From left: Marie Magdalene LARSEN OBLAD, John George Erastus LARSEN and Eline Hansene LARSEN LAMBERT. (Taken before 1921)

"Mormons Visit a County Carpenter" by Christen Dalsgaard. Though the painting was not completed in Copenhagen until 1856, a sketch of it hung in the LARSEN family home in Salt Lake City after they had arrived there in 1853. Family tradition says that members of the family had been the models for individuals in the painting.

_____________ made the following statement:

"The picture above was published in the Scandinavian Jubilee Album in 1900. In a copy of this book which is in my possession, my father, William H. Oblad Sr., has written the following comments across the page:

This picture was loaned to Andrew Jensen by Mother, Mary M Larsen Oblad. This picture hung in my Grandpa Larsen's (Hans Larsen) home in Salt Lake City when I was a kid. Grandpa would pal with me and stay with me when Daddy O[blad] and Mother O[blad] went to operas and other shows. I was interested in everything a 4 to 5 year-old would be. Grandpa Larsen would point to these and interpret them to me. (This would be around 1875). Then, with lines running to a person in the picture, my father has identified the names as follows: Man standing and preaching, Elder Erastus Snow. Man behind bench, reading, Hans Larsen, his grandfather. Small girl under bench, age 3, Mary M. Larsen, his mother. Elderly man sitting, Lars Pedersen, father of Hans. Woman in other room, putting her year-old baby Kierstine into a cradle. Elena Dorthea Larsen, wife of Hans. Girl leaning near door, Elina Hansine Larsen, a daughter of Hans and Elina Dorthea Larsen.

The small girl, age 3, became the wife of John Frederick Oblad. It may be assumed that the man standing next to Hans was the Reverand Munster and the Elderly Lady sitting in the center is Han's Larsen's Mother, Maren Porse. Father told me that this picture was first drawn by charcoal in 1850. Six years later, the Artist painted it in oil. (Christen Dalsgaard)

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Thank you, Mark Glissmeyer, for the quote. As a child, I, Venita, understood that the seated girl was Petrine Christine Larsen, sister to Eline Hansine and Marie Magdalene. She is painted as being a blind, rich young woman who is being led by the prosperous clergyman, modeled after Reverend Mønster mentioned above. The boy seen through the window represents Carl Oluf Hansen, a son of Hans and Eline Dorothe, who died at the age of five years. Two other children who died as infants are not represented. If Hans' parents are represented, I believe they would be the man standing next to him, and the woman standing outside the window. They both died before 1840, so could not have been living models for the artist. However, there may have been painted images for his reference.

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