Robert Moroni Michie Family Album - Photos

Robert Moroni MICHIE

Born 11 Nov 1861, Sugarhouse, Salt Lake, Utah Territory, USA
Died 23 Feb 1912, Tabiona, Duchesne, Utah, USA

Robert Moroni MICHIE
1861 - 1912

Wife: Elena Dorothy LAMBERT
1863 - 1957

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The family about 1905. Back: Della Eugenia MICHIE SHARP, Fern Elena MICHIE LEWIS, Marvin Robert MICHIE, Genevieve MICHIE ALLEN, and Myrtle Lizetta MICHIE WILCKEN. Center: Robert Moroni MICHIE (father), Rula MICHIE WRIGLEY (baby), Elena Dorothy LAMBERT MICHIE (mother) and Preal Frances MICHIE JONES. Front: Hilda MICHIE CHERRINGTON, Lambert Moroni MICHIE, and Violet MICHIE PARRY.

The first three MICHIE children: Della Eugenia (born November 1886), Genevieve (born October 1889), and Myrtle Lizetta (born June 1888).
Photo taken about 1890.

Robert Moroni MICHIE
Taken about 1880

Robert Moroni MICHIE
Taken about 1910

Taken about 1930

Taken in 1950

The family in 1954, taken at the Michie home in Provo. Back: Myrtle Lizetta MICHIE WILCKEN, Preal Frances MICHIE JONES, Marvin Robert MICHIE, Violet MICHIE PARRY, Rula MICHIE WRIGLEY, Fern Elena MICHIE LEWIS, Hilda MICHIE CHERRINGON, Lambert Moroni MICHIE. Front: Elena Dorothy LAMBERT MICHIE (mother), Genevieve MICHIE ALLEN, Della Eugenia MICHIE SHARP.

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