Emigration from Wales
to Utah Territory, USA, 1888


Record of the Immigration of Ann EDWARDS THOMAS and Family

Ship: Wyoming,
departing from Liverpool 23 Jun 1888
arriving in New York, New York, 3 Jul 1889

Family members listed in Passenger list:

  • THOMAS, Ann Gender: F Age: 44 Origin: England
  • THOMAS, Edward. Gender: M Age: 18 Origin: England
  • THOMAS, John Gender: M Age: 13 Origin: England
  • THOMAS, Elizabeth Gender: f Age: 11 Origin: England
  • [Note: The ship sailed from England; the family was from Wales.]

Ship: Wyoming
Date of Departure: 23 Jun 1888
Port of Departure: Liverpool, England
LDS Immigrants: 118
Church Leader: Henry E. Bowring
Date of Arrival: 3 Jul 1888
Port of Arrival: New York, New York
Source(s): Customs #898 (FHL #1027758); Deseret Semi-Weekly News, 233:45 (July 10, 1888) p. 3, MS 50:31 (Jul 30, 1888), p. 491

Notes:A company of Saints from the British isles, left Liverpool per Guion S.S. Wyoming on Saturday June 23rd, in charge of Elder H. E. Bowring. Including the returning missionaries, there were 188 souls in all. By letter from Queenstown, we learn that the weather was pleasant; all were feeling well, and rejoicing in the prospect of speedily reaching the peaceful valleys of Utah. It is anticipated that a company from Scandinavia will leave here on July 28th, and another from the British Mission on August 11th.” MS, 50:27 (July 2, 1888), p. 428

“Sat 23 [June 1888]... The steamship Wyoming sailed from Liverpool, England, with 118 Saints, in charge of Henry E. Bowring. The company arrived at New York July 3rd, and at Salt Lake City July 11th.” CC, p. 163

Letter from Henry E. Bowring - July 5, 1888

By letter from Elder H. [Henry] E. Bowring, dated July 5th, and written on the S. S. Wyoming of the Old Dominion Line, we learn the following:

“After leaving Queenstown we encountered a head wind and rough sea for three days; most of the company on the Wyoming were seasick, but afterwards all seemed to enjoy the remainder of the voyage very much. We held three meetings on board, and took pleasure in bearing our testimony that God had spoken and restored his gospel. Before leaving the Wyoming we expressed our appreciation of the kindness extended towards us and our company by the captain and officers of the good ship, who were exceedingly kind. At New York Mr. Gibson gave us instructions and everything worked like a charm. On board the S. S. Wyoming all were well cared for, and we left yesterday, July 4th, at 3 p.m. for Norfolk. The accommodation for steerage passengers was not so good as we might wish, through having some horses on board. We have a good company, and thus far I think the record the Saints have made is very praiseworthy. We have a railroad agent with us who is doing all in his power for our comfort under the circumstances. We expect to reach Norfolk at 5 p.m., and have no fears but what all will be well. God has blessed us on the sea, and we trust him on land.”[p.491]

BIB: Bowring, Henry E. [Letter], Latter-day Saints' Millennial Star 50:31 (July 30, 1888) p. 491. (HDL)

1890’s Train

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