Born 4 Nov 1858, Salt Lake City, Utah Territory, North America
Died 7 Dec 1939, Roosevelt, Duchesne, Utah, USA

Son of John and Eline Hansene LARSEN LAMBERT
Husband of Agnes Catherine Harriet MICHIE

Ephraim Lambert

Ephraim Lambert

(Photo taken about 1895)

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Some History of Ephraim Lambert

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Lambert, Ephraim, Bishop of Woodland, Wasatch County, Utah, is the son of John and Eline Hansine Lambert, and was born Nov. 4, 1858, in Salt Lake City, Utah. John Lambert

Bishop Lambert writes: "My father was born in England. He came to Nauvoo with the first company of Saints that sailed from Liverpool, England. My mother was born in Copenhagen, Denmark. She was the first girl that was baptized in that country. Ephraim Lambert

"When I was two years old my parents moved from Salt Lake City to Kamas, Summit County, and were among the first settlers in Rhoades' valley. I received but very little schooling, most of my time being spent in farming and in herding sheep and cattle.

"We passed through many hard times incident to settling a new country. When my brother and I were about eight years of age and were herding sheep, we lost a lamb on a certain occasion. We searched and hunted, but failed to find it, and we were afraid to go home without it, as our father was quite strict with his children. Having been taught the principle of prayer, we made up our mind to pray to the Lord, and ask Him to direct us, so that we could find the lost animal. Consequently, we knelt down and prayed, each in turn, and when we arose to our feet, we saw the lost lamb standing close by and in plain view.

"This may appear like a trifling affair to some, but it was the means of creating a faith in me through which the Lord has subsequently blessed me abundantly and preserved my life. Often, when I have been alone on the tops of high mountains, have I knelt down and lifted up my voice in thanksgiving to the Lord for the many manifestations of His goodness towards me. The Lord has often blessed me with dreams and visions. Agnes Michie Lambert

"March 9, 1880, I married Agnes Michie, who has been a good, dutiful and affectionate wife to me ever since.

"Dec 8, 1883, I was chosen and set apart as president of the first Y.M.M.I.A. organized in Woodland Ward, and in August, 1885, I was chosen to fill a vacancy in the council in the 20th quorum of Seventy; but before I was placed in that position I was chosen to be second counselor to Bishop Moon, which position I held until he moved to Old Mexico, in 1890, when I was ordained and set apart by Apostle John W. Taylor to act as Bishop of Woodland, which position I hold at the present time.

"I have been extensively engaged in the saw mill and timber business. I am also a farmer on a small scale."

Source: Latter-day Saint Biographical Encyclopedia, Volume 1, Biographies, Cluff, Henry


Encyclopedic History of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
Woodrow Branch: Roosevelt abt 1910

In 1874 [Ephraim's wife's uncle] Thomas P. White and family took up some land on Bench Creek, about two miles southeast of Woodland, and soon afterwards other settlers took up land in the district on both sides of Provo River, and for several years the settlement was know as Bench Creek in Wasatch County. Under this name a branch was organized in 1877, with John T. Moon as presiding Elder. On July 25, 1881, the Woodland Ward was organized with Henry Moon as Bishop. Bishop Henry Moon was succeeded in 1885 by his son, John T. Moon, who was succeeded in 1891 by Ephraim Lambert, who was succeeded in May, 1906, by [Ephraim's wife's cousin] Thomas A. White, who was succeded in August 1906 by Emanual B. Murphy...[written about 1930]


Ibid - Duncan's Retreat:

The first branch of the Church on the Uintah Indian Reservation was called the Duchesne Branch of the Wasatch Stake. It was organized Nov. 30, 1905, by Pres. Joseph R. Murdock of Wasatch Stake, with Silas D. Smith as presiding elder. He was succeeded by Joseph W. Musser June 6, 1906, and the Duchesne Branch was made part of the Uintah Stake. On Sept. 3, 1906, the Duchesne Branch was organized as a ward with Ephraim Lambert as Bishop. In 1906 the saints at Theodore were organized as a branch of the Duchesne Ward with Joseph A. Fortie as presiding Elder, and on Aug. 27, 1907, the Duchesne Ward, which hereto had contained all the saints in Duchesne county, or in that part of the country which had recently constituted the Uintah Indian Reservation, was divided, and a part of the same (the Theodore Branch) was organized as the Theodore Ward with Alma N. Murdock as Bishop, while the east part was temporarily continued as the Duchesne Ward, with Ephraim Lambert as Bishop. Soon afterwards the Duchesne Ward was named Roosevelt and the Theodore Ward named Duchesne Ward...[written about 1930]


Ibid - Duchesne Stake of Zion

Most of the country now included in the Duchesne Stake constituted a part of the Uintah Indian Reservation 1905, which accounts for the fact that it was not settled before, or until at least a part of it was thrown open for white settlers, but the Indians were given the privelege of homesteading or claiming the best sections of land. When the whites, mostly Latter-day Saints, commenced to make homes on what had formerly been the Indian Reservation, they belonged to the Uintah Stake of Zion, but at a stake conference held at Vernal, Sept. 14, 1910, the Uintah Stake was divided and the west part, or the Indian Reservation, was organized as the Duchesne Stake. William H. Smart, who had presided over the Eastern States Mission, was chosen as president of the Duchesne Stake, with Ephraim Lambert as his first [1910-1916], and Joseph H. Hardy as second counselor; William H. Gagon was chosen as stake clerk. At the time of its organization the Duchesne Stake consisted of the following bishop's wards and branches: Boneta, Hayden, Roosevelt, Tabiona and Theodore. [Written about 1930]


Ibid - Roosevelt Ward Roosevelt abt 1910

Roosevelt is an outgrowth of the Duchesne Ward, which on Sept. 10, 1907, was divided into three divisions to be known as the Roosevelt, the Indian Bench and the Hayden branches. Bishop Ephraim Lambert of the Duchesne Ward was given jurisdiction over the Roosevelt district. On Aug. 20, 1908, the Duchesne Ward was reorganized, Bishop Lambert being released as Bishop and [his brother] Dan Lambert, appointed to preside as Bishop of the Roosevelt Ward, which embraced much of the territory formerly included in the Duchesne Ward. In 1911 Bishop Dan Lambert was succeeded by Paul Soren Hansen, who in 1914 was succeeded by [another brother] Joseph Heber Lambert, who was succeeded in 1919 by David Bennion...[written about 1930]

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John LAMBERT, father

Eline Hansene LARSEN , mother

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