John Lambert

Emigration from England to the America, 1840


Record of the Immigration of John Lambert and his Siblings

Packet Ship North America,
departing from Liverpool 8 Sep 1840
arriving in New York, New York, 12 Oct 1840

Family members listed in Passenger list:

  • LAMBERT, Elizabeth Gender: F Age: 25 Origin: England Occ: Stockmaker
    Note: Customs List, p. 3
  • LAMBERT, Joseph Gender: M Age: 19 Origin: England
  • LAMBERT, Richard Gender: M Age: 17 Origin: England
  • LAMBERT, John Gender: M Age: 16 Origin: England

(Note: There was a mistake in the identification of Joseph and John, as Joseph was the youngest son in the family and John the oldest. Patience VAY LAMBERT, mother, was not on this voyage. She was on the ship Rochester, 21 Apr 1841.)

Ship: North America
Date of Departure: 8 Sep 1840
Port of Departure: Liverpool, England
LDS Immigrants: 201
Church Leader: Theodore Turley
Date of Arrival: 12 Oct 1840
Port of Arrival: New York, New York
Source(s): Customs #779 (FHL #002,289); NSHP; Diary of William Clayton, pp. 73-96

Notes:"EMIGRATION. . . . Elder Theodore Turley, who is on his return to his family, sailed from Liverpool for New York, in company with several others, on the 7th of August, [September] on board the packet ship, North America. We bid them God speed . . . ."

"SECOND COMPANY. -- North America, about 200 souls. Saturday, September 5th, 1840, Apostles Brigham Young and Willard Richards went from Manchester to Liverpool, and in the evening organized a company of Saints bound for New York, by choosing Elder Theodore Turley, a returning missionary, to preside, with six counselors, among whom was Elder William Clayton, one of the earliest English converts. Apostles Brigham Young and Willard Richards went on board the North America on Monday the 7th, and remained with the Saints on board over night. On Tuesday morning, about nine o'clock, the vessel was tugged out by a steamer. The Apostles accompanied the emigrants about fifteen miles, and then left them in good spirits. The company had a prosperous voyage to New York, where they arrived in the beginning of October, and from there they continued the journey to Buffalo, New York. Owing to the expensiveness of the route many of the emigrants fell short of means to complete the journey to Nauvoo; they therefore divided at Buffalo, a part going to settle in and around Kirtland, Ohio, while the balance, under the leadership of Theodore Turley, continued the journey to Nauvoo, to which place Joseph the Prophet states he had the pleasure of welcoming about one hundred of them, about the middle of October, 1841."

Other Voyage Accounts:

Letter from William Clayton

Diary of William Clayton

Other family members' immigration records:


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