John Lambert

Born 31 Jan 1820, Gargrave, West Riding, Yorkshire, England
Died 25 Nov 1893, Kamas, Summit, Utah Territory, United States

John Lambert

Remembrances of

John Lambert, my grandfather

by Glen Alvin Lambert

Transcribed from audio recordings may by Glen in 1966, at age 74

And I thought it might be well, might be interesting to my family and posterity if I told something about my Granddad on the Lambert side. His name was John Lambert, and they were three brothers of them. They were Englishmen and they were converts to the LDS Church England and came to America.

And on the way over, Grandad Lambert (I don't remember whether he was the oldest. I believe he was the oldest of the three brothers that came to America. They were young men at the time.), and Grandad Lambert, either on the ship coming over or after he landed on the east coast had a dream, and he dreamed that he saw Joseph Smith, the Prophet, in his dream. And some time later he landed in Nauvoo in Illinois, and the headquarters of the LDS Church at the time. And he was walking along the street shortly after he got there and he noticed, he recognized Joseph Smith across the street and he walked over and introduced himself. He recognized him the minute he saw him and he told him who he was. Grandad Lambert was quite a staunch Mormon and he lived there and then he came to Utah later on. While in Nauvoo he was one of the, for some time he was one of Joseph Smith's body guards.

He was a big man, Grandad was, a big square shouldered fellow, well over six feet height, and was an athlete. He could outrun most any man of his age and size and he could jump, I remember when he was quite an old man, as I remember him. He could stand flat footed on the ground and jump ten feet on level ground just on a standing jump. And very few men can do that. And I also saw him take a hold of a cedar post in a fence with one hand on hold the top of it and the other hand down on the post and hold his body (he was a big heavy man, over 200 lbs.), and he'd hold his body horizontally straight out from the post in the air with this tremendous strength that he had.

Well, after he came to Utah; he arrived in Utah; now his, the three brothers, my Grandad Lambert and the youngest brother came to Utah and the other brother, the one, he stayed, he didn't come to Utah. He joined that Reorganized Church and stayed back in the middle west there in Missouri, somewhere there. His posterity today is about the same as John Lambert's posterity that came west.

He was quite a staunch believer in the Church after he came to Utah, and his profession was mason. He was an expert mason, laying brick, chiseling rock and whatnot; but he didn't like Brigham Young for some reason. Nobody knew. Even my Dad who used to talk about it said he didn't know why. [Other versions say he didn't like the bosses whom he had to work under.]

After they came to Utah Grandad Lambert brought a bunch of thoroughbred cattle with him from England. They were purebred short horn cattle and it was the only bunch of purebreds, I guess, probably in the state of Utah for quite a while.

His youngest brother had some kind of a... he never married but he had a physical defect of some kind. I don't remember what it was. I remember my Dad telling about it, but I can't recall just what it was. He was herding cattle up east of Salt Lake, on the east bench and somebody shot him. They never knew who did it; that is, I think Grandad Lambert had an idea who did it, but he never would say anyway.

Anyhow, he didn't get along, I guess, with Brigham Young, although he always donated to the Church and I know that he donated on the temple, but he wouldn't work there under the domination of Brigham Young. He finally sold out in Salt Lake and moved out to Kamas and took out a homestead there, and eventually went into polygamy. He had one wife that he brought out to Salt Lake with him, and then later on he married another one and he had two families. Dad was the second boy in the oldest family. [Actually, Ephraim Lambert was a son of the second wife, Elena Hansina Larsen.]

I can remember when I was a youngster that Grandad Lambert used to come over to Woodland. My Dad lived in Woodland where I was born and Grandad Lambert, John Lambert, and his wife used to come over and visit us when I was just a kid, a very small kid; back as far as I can remember anything, and I guess I was five or six years old. I can remember Grandad Lambert talking to me; sitting in a chair in our home and talking to me. And he had, I remember he had the biggest hands of anybody I ever saw. And he used to put his thumb down on the edge of the table and press on it to make the thumb wider, and his thumb when he'd do that was just two inches wide. I remember my Dad measuring the width of his thumb. It was two inches wide and the normal man is about one inch. He seemed to have tremendous strength and aside from that was a big man.

He was fairly well to do in Kamas. He always had a pretty good size bunch of cattle until he died and his estate was divided up and some of the boys got more than the others. I know I remember my Dad didn't get hardly anything out of his estate. That's about all I remember on Grandad.

Transcribed by Glen's grandaughter, Sherrell Ann (Sherri) Lambert McManus, 1999, Anaheim, CA. (Items in brackets [ ] are corrections or additions made by Sherri.)

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