William George MICHIE

Born 19 Oct 1875, Mountain Dell, Salt Lake,
Utah Territory, United States
Died 10 Apr 1963, Montpelier, Bear Lake, Idaho, United States

Son of Robert and Frances POTTS MICHIE
Husband of Eliza Ann MURPHY

William George MICHIE, about 1900

William's signature from his WW I registration card.


Written by same, January 1950

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Birthdate: 19 Oct 1875, Salt Lake County, Utah Territory
Father's Name: Robert Michie
Mother's Name: Francis Potts
Date of Baptism: 13 July 1884 by Robert Michie, father

Ordinations to Priesthoods:
Deacon: 27 Dec 1891 by Daniel Mitchell
Teacher: 27 Sep 1896 by Ephraim Lambert, [Brother-in-law]
(Not ordained a priest.)
Elder: 15 Oct 1899 by Ephraim Lambert
Seventy: July 1904 by Don E. Pack
High Priest: 23 Sep 1912 by William H. Smart

Church callings:

President of Deacon's Quorum between 1892 and 1896. Also ward teacher during that time and Sunday School teacher for part of the time between 1896 and 1899. Ordained an Elder on 15 Oct 1899. Was president of M.I.A. for a while in Woodland Ward between 1899 and 1904. We then moved to Tabiona Ward where I was Superintendent of Sunday School. On 23 Sep 1912 was set apart as counselor to Bishop James S. Jones, then as counselor to Alma Wagstaff in the same ward. I was then counselor to Heber Moon, Bishop of the Hanna Ward until his release, when I was made Bishop of the Hanna Ward, serving for 12 years. That made about 25 years in the bishoprics of the two wards. I was ordained a Bishop by Elder George Albert Smith on June 13, 1925. I was released 24 Feb 1931.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Inasmuch as my daughter has asked for a sketch of my life, I will write a little.

My father, Robert Michie, joined the LDS Church in South Africa about 1850. My mother, Francis Potts became a member of said church in England about the same time. After my father joined the church he went to England where he met mother. They were soon married and started to Utah. They crossed the ocean with a crowd of other Saints to Boston where father got work in a flour mill. They stayed four years. They came to Utah in 1861. Father worked at milling as he was a miller by trade. They moved from one place to another to get work for several years. In 1875 they were living at a little place they called Mountain Dell, [Utah]. In the fall of that year on 19 Oct 1875 I was born. The next March they moved to Woodland, [Utah,] where they homesteaded a farm where I stayed until I was about four or five years old. We then moved to Heber City, [Utah,] where father ran a grist mill for President Abraham Hatch where the family stayed for about eight years. They then moved back to Woodland and the farm, where my older brother was living. I had been with him [my brother] a little on the farm so had started to learn some about the work, such as the way they took care of the hay, grain, and other crops [and] also to milk cows and care for horses.

After about one summer on the farm, father got a team of horses that we worked on the farm and used for hauling wood out of the canyon as that was all the fuel we had for fires. About 1896 I started to work the team hauling lumber from a sawmill owned by the Lambert brothers which was located on the part of the country they called Soapstone. It took us two days to go from our home to the mill and back with the load of lumber, then two days to take it to Park City. The mill was a little north and east of Woodland. I worked at that job that fall, then went to school in the winter. In the summer I worked on the farm and hauled lumber between times of taking care of the crops. As years went by and there was more men to take care of the hauling of the lumber and the mills needed men to help cut and get out logs to saw, I went into the timber to cut and get logs.

Time went by and Father sold his farm and bought a smaller one on the north bench at Woodland. I did most of the farming there under father's directions. He also had a small post office for quite a number of years. At times I helped with the post office. Later when the Lamberts moved their mill into Weber Canyon, I went there to haul lumber to Park City. Time went on. I still lived at Woodland, farmed, and worked at the timber. A Mr. John Jones ran a mill and I went into the timber cutting and hauling logs for him. I also hauled lumber to the mines at Park City - the Silver King [Mine], the Judge [Mine], the Dayle West [Mine], and some of the others as that was about the only work the farmers had when they were not needed on the farms.

I worked in Woodland up to the time I was married in 1901 and also after that until 1907 when we moved out to the country that is now called Hanna, [Utah,] where we took a homestead and made our home.

About 1918 or 1920 we bought a sawmill and with the help of [my sons] Kenneth, Monroe, and Leslie (and also Ariel later) we sawed lumber, and did most of our own logging and cutting timber. We had some cows that Erma, my daughter, took care of when we were away at the mill. We had some Indian neighbors. They were always friendly and were good neighbors.

. . . . . . . . .

This is additional information:

William George Michie married Eliza Ann Murphy
29 May 1901 in Salt Lake City, Utah.
The following children were born to them:

Name Birth Birth Place Death Death Place
George Kenneth 10 Feb 1902 Woodland, Utah 1 Nov 1988 Midway, Utah
Erma 27 May 1903 Woodland, Utah 5 Jul 1985 Heber, Utah
Monroe 18 May 1905 Woodland, Utah 19 Jun 1976 Washington, Utah
Leslie 17 Sep 1907 Woodland, Utah 10 Aug 1945 Heber, Utah
Afton23 Aug 1909 Hanna, Utah 23 Aug 1909 Hanna, Utah
Arnon 1 Dec 1910 Hanna, Utah 11 May 1913 Hanna, Utah
Ariel 17 Oct 1912 Hanna, Utah 12 Jul 1997 Hanna, Utah
Son 17 Aug 1913 Hanna, Utah Stillborn
Beatrice 2 Jul 1915 Hanna, Utah 1 Aug 1915 Hanna, Utah
Son 17 Aug 1916 Hanna, Utah Stillborn
Varis 9 May 1918 Hanna, Utah 12 Feb 2001

. . . . . . . . .

Many thanks to Coy Harmon, William's granddaughter, for sharing this history!

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