Haverfordwest Castle, Pembrokeshire

Photos taken March 2001

(Unless otherwise noted, all photos were taken by Venita.)*

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Haverfordwest Castle is located on the top of an east facing cliff, a place obviously chosen because of its prominence and ease of defense. The original fortress was probably built here in the 1000s - 1100s. There is little left of the first wood and earth construction. The ruins now seen probably date from the 1200s when the Castle was acquired by Queen Eleanor, wife of King Edward I of England.
(For more history of the Castle, please visit Jeff Thomas' excellent site, Castles of Wales).

Inside castle

Above: This interesting view from inside the castle ruins includes remnants of steps circling the inside of a round tower on the south along with doorways and windows. Notice the thickness of the stone wall.

Inside south and east walls

Above: A view inside the south and east walls, showing the square tower in the southeast corner. Other corner towers are round.

Bricked renovation

Above: In the 18th century, part of the castle was used as a prison. This photo shows the brickwork added to the stonework to make that possible. Notice the arrow slit in the stonework, now covered from the inside.

Entry to Record Office

Above: The former entry to the prison at the castle is now the entry to the Pembrokeshire Record Office.

View of south face

Above: This view shows renovations to the castle with some ruins still visible on the west. Picnic tables and park benches have been added to the grounds inviting visitors to stay and enjoy the views of the town and surrounding areas.

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