Hay on Wye, Breconshire

a Village of Bookshops

photos taken November 2001

Unless otherwise noted, all photos on this website were taken by Venita.*

Many thanks to my 'editor' John Ball, without whose help the information on these pages would be full of errors!

Hay on Wye is a village in Breconshire, Wales, famous for its bookshops, especially its used book shops. It's a popular place for visitors and "locals" alike to spend a day or so browsing for unexpected treasures. Tour buses are frequently seen in the nearby car park which is just a short walk from the shops themselves.

Clock tower

Above: Charming shops line the way to the village square where the clock tower stands, not telling the time, unfortunately.


Above: As well as bookshops, there are a variety of restaurants and cafes, map and print shops, and other specialty shops expected in such a village.

Castle 1

Above: Another prominent feature is the Hay Castle on a site which probably dates from the 1100s. (For more information about the Castle, visit Jeff Thomas' excellent pages, "Castles of Wales," Hay Castle.)

Castle 2

Above: Another view of the Castle shows the monument to the Hay on Wye war veterans. Notice the railing and steps going up the side of the hill. They lead to different levels of an open air bookshop and ultimately to the entry of the used book shop inside.

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On the day I visited Hay on Wye, there was a very unexpected event - a fire in a parked car!! If you would like to see some photos of it, please go to page 2.

*Unless otherwise noted, all photos on this website were taken by Venita who also holds the copyright. Should you wish to download any of them for any purpose (other than your own enjoyment), please credit Venita as the photographer and add my homepage URL: http://www.venitap.com/home.html

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