Cefn Coed y Cymer, Breconshire

(on the border of Glamorgan, near Merthyr Tydfil)

Hen Dy Cwrdd (The Old Meeting House)

Photos taken June 2000

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Many thanks to my 'editor' John Ball, without whose help the information on these pages would be full of errors!

Hen Dy Cwrdd Chapel is in the village of Cefn Coed y Cymmer, Vaynor parish (Y Faenor), Breconshire. My friend, John, and I visited the chapel in June 2000 in the hope of finding the gravestone of my EDWARDS great great grandparents. As it turned out, we found more than we bargained for.

Chapel front

Above: This Unitarian chapel is on Old Chapel Road. It was first built in 1747 and rebuilt in 1853, 1895 and 1991. The Welsh text over the door says, "For Us There is Only One God the Father." In the late 1800s, the Ynysgau Presbyterian Church of Merthyr Tydfil was combined with this chapel's congregation.

To the right of the Chapel is a primary school, and to the left is the graveyard. The caretaker of the chapel and its grounds invited us inside to see the results of a recent refurbishing.

Lower pews

Above: Highly polished wooden pews invite worshippers to take some quiet time for meditation and prayer. The beautiful stained glass window at the back glows from lighting in the foyer.


Above: This view from the balcony shows the pulpit adorned with a beautiful handmade banner. In the right corner, under the balcony, stands another elegant banner in honor of the Women's League.

Entry to Graveyard

Above: The entrance to the graveyard. Here we met a member of the congregation who was a former minister and a stonemason. He was restoring some of the damaged gravestones. With his help and a small map, we quickly found the one we were looking for.

Below: It was this sandstone marker, leaning against the back wall and dotted with lichen, the Welsh inscription still legible. The Glamorgan Family History Society had previously transcribed and translated it. We used their transcription to help us decipher what was recorded:


In memory of Mary daughter of
David and Elizabeth Edwards
who died March 29, 1868 aged 19 years
also in memory of the said Elizabeth Edwards
who died June 17, 1869 aged 62 years
also in memory of David Edwards
who died May 17, 1872 aged 66 years
also in memory of two children of their son Edward
also in memory of Eynon Evans
who died Jan. 11, 1875 aged 60 years.

Following the inscription is this verse, possibly written by Edward, the son, and translated from Welsh by Gerwyn Williams. (Many, many thanks, Gerwyn!!):

Here rest my Parents
and my Sisters with them.
Still are the Beloved Children that rest
in His everlasting care.
When the sacred JESUS comes,
in the Brilliant light of heaven,
They will meet with great rejoicing,
Around his good and wondrous Throne.

(If you know the above Eynon Evans and/or his relationship to the family, please let me know)

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After a getting what we needed in the churchyard, we returned to the car and drove around looking for ancestral addresses found in the 1881 census. Ironically, we ended up back on the street where we started! To see a few nearby residences of my ancestors, turn to page two.

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