St. Michael's Church

Myddfai, Carmarthenshire

Photos taken June 2000

Unless otherwise noted, all photos on this website were taken by Venita.*

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The parish and village of Myddfai are in the eastern part of Carmarthenshire, almost directly south of Llandovery. I visited there in June of 2000 with a suspicion that it may figure in my genealogy. Later I discovered that several generations of my ancestors had been baptised, married, and buried there! At the time, I only glanced at the names on the headstones and on the floor and the walls of the building. I hope to return someday and pay more attention!


Above: This sign on top of the surrounding stone wall announces, in Welsh and in Englsh, the schedule of worship services: Sundays 1, 3 & 5, 11:15, Eucharist. Sundays 2 & 4, 11:15, Morning Prayer.

Gate to churchyard

Above: The gates stand slightly open, an invitation to come inside for a peaceful time of meditation and worship.

Right: Do you know the legend of the Physicians of Myddfai? Perhaps two of their descendants are buried here. This gravestone has been built into the wall near the church entrance. Apparently, it was previously over a burial place inside the church and was moved during a remodeling.

The inscription:

Here lieth the body of Mr:
David Jones of Mothvey
Surgeon who was an
honest, charitable & skillful
man. He died Septm 'y' 14th
Anno Dom 1719
Aged 61
John Jones Surgeon
elder son of the said
David Jones departed
this life the 25th of November
1739 in the 44th yeare of his
age and also lyes interred

Gravestone by door

Gravestone in floor

Above: More gravestones are found on the floor just inside the door. The inscription on this one reads:

[Between the angels] Arise I shall when Christ do call

Heere lyeth the body of
Mr. Thomas Price of Gor=
lloyne, Gent deceased who
parted this world the 16th
day of January Ano Domini
aged 46 years


Above:The nave offers several pews for the seating of the congregation and modern heaters to counter the chill of winter. Fresh flowers on windowsills and on the altar proclaim the tender care these parishoners give to their church.


Above: The altar is beautifully dressed with a colorful cloth, flowers and symbols of worship. The bright colors of the stained glass window above were lost in the brightness of the light coming through it.

The Lord's prayer

Left: This copy of The Lord's Prayer stands to the left of the chancel. The hand-carved stone frame is over four feet tall from the floor to the top of the arch.


Left: This interesting shield, carved in stone, is on an outside wall of the church near the graveyard. The inscription below it has almost weathered away, but a date, 1791, is still legible.


Above: The various angles of the old headstones in the graveyard are softened by the ancient yew tree and the cool shades of green providing a picturesque scene for visitors.

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For another, larger collection of photos of Myddfai, go to this "flickriver" website.

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