Oxwich Bay

Swansea, Glamorgan

Photos taken June 2000

Unless otherwise noted, all photos on this website were taken by Venita.*

Many thanks to my 'editor' John Ball, without whose help the information on these pages would be full of errors!

Beautiful Oxwich Bay is on the Gower Peninsula of south Wales, not far from Swansea. A popular nature walk winds through farmlands and woodlands along the bluffs and ancient sand dunes surrounding the golden beach below, then down to the sand itself. It was usual "Welsh weather" the day I visited in June 2000. The intermittant rain and low mist lent a magical feeling there and seemed to discourage most others from visiting the popular site.

View from the bluff

Above: Only the edge of the water at low tide and the soft sound of waves moving over the broad beach hint of the sea ahead, invisible this day.

looking west

Above: A shadow of the western arm of the bay is faintly seen through the fog, inviting a muse to whisper poetry into one's ear.

From the beach

Above: Looking around from the level of the beach it is easy to ignore the nearby farms, villages, and cities and imagine being in an earlier age of castles, knights, princesses and perhaps dragons.

Toward three cliffs

Above: A young couple (near the tip of the nearest cliff) stroll along the empty beach toward the distant, disappearing Three Cliffs. On a warm sunny day in August this expanse of soft sand will be well populated with sun worshipers.

Three Cliffs

Above: Another view of the three cliffs confirms the reason for the name, though it is difficult to distinguish the separations in the shroud of fog.

Man in rain gear

Above: This bay visitor, well prepared for the inclement weather, looks out to sea, perhaps seeing and hearing something invisible to myself.

*Unless otherwise noted, all photos on this website were taken by Venita who also holds the copyright. Should you wish to download any of them for any purpose (other than your own enjoyment), please credit Venita as the photographer and add my homepage URL: http://www.venitap.com/home.html

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