Pen-y-Wern Farm

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Upper Twrch Valley, Breconshire

Photos taken June 2000

Unless otherwise noted, all photos on this website were taken by Venita.*

Many thanks to my 'editor' John Ball, without whose help the information on these pages would be full of errors!

Above the barn

Above: The barn is just a few yards from the house (visible at the far left, behind the tree), up a gentle slope and into a grove of trees. Dappled sunlight creates a mood for day dreaming about life on this farm in by-gone days, romanticized, of course.

Door to the hayloft

Above: This door, wide enough for a loaded wagon, opens to the hayloft of the barn, and a "driveway" has been built to access it. This would have made the exhausting chore of stacking hay a little easier for the farmer and his day laborers. A full hayloft provided insulation against the cold for the horses or cows housed in the barn's lower level, as well as a supply of winter feed.

Granary/cow shed

Above: This smaller outbuilding is just below the barn. It may have served as the granary, storage for farm implements, or a shed for the milk-cow and her calf...or any combination of the above.

Fallen roof

Above: Last in the row of outbuildings is the smithy and its adjacent storage shed.

Inside the smithy

Above: The smithy was left with a hay rake and other farm implements still awaiting repair. The forge is in the back left corner, behind the rusted wheel (see photo below).

Blacksmith's forge

(Photo by John Ball)

Bracken growing between the stones

Above: Bracken spores have found seemingly impossible purchase between the stones of this wall, a testimony of the persistance of nature.

View of the valley

Above: The view from the farm looks out over rolling hills and other ruins. May blossoms were in full bloom on this day in June 2000.

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Thanks to Jennifer Ohmes and John Ball for allowing me to use their photos.

*Unless otherwise noted, all photos on this website were taken by Venita who also holds the copyright. Should you wish to download any of them for any purpose (other than your own enjoyment), please credit Venita as the photographer and add my homepage URL:

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