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Photos by Venita*


Above: Provo City Power building, built in the 1940s. (Still no snow in Provo!)

Please visit the Special Seasonal Features below.

(I live in Provo, Utah, which is located at the foot of the beautiful Wasatch Mountains, a part of the greater Rocky Mountain Range in western United States.)

I'll be changing this photo frequently (every week or two) to share the beauty and variety of my surroundings. Unless otherwise noted, all photos are by Venita* who also holds the copyright. Comments are welcomed!

Special Seasonal Features:

Christmas in Woodland
- Memories of Christmas in a Utah pioneer home of the late 1800s

Christmas Smells Like a New Doll
-Nina's story of Christmas in the 1940s

A Frosty, Foggy Day
- At Utah Lake

Once Upon a Christmas
- A Musical Christmas Card

Snow in Provo Canyon
- Light powder on the cliffs

The Spirit of Christmas is Love
- A Worship Service Talk

Temple Square at Christmas
- Lights on Temple Square, 2003

Winter in Bicentennial Park
- Fresh powder snow

Winter in Utah
- Some favorite winter photos

Last update: 28 December 2011

Listed in order of most recent updates:


  • My Histories - NEW: History of Sarah Hannah COLTON, wife of Thomas PARRY
    (3 Dec 2011)

  • My Ancestry, World Connect - UPDATE: All of my ancestral lines have been updated on WorldConnect. Go to the Ancestral Files Index and scroll to the bottom of the page for the links.
    (2 Dec 2011)

  • My Ancestry - Update: All new family cards and person cards, including photos. Updated information and/or new information on many ancestral lines.
    (11 Aug 2011)

  • My Family Headstones - Update: New photos added to the Marion Cemetery page
    (8 Aug 2011)

  • My Welsh Photo Links - New Link added for Hay on Wye
    (8 Aug 2011)

  • Old Photo Albums - Richard LAMBERT - New: Brother of John Lambert
    (22 May 2011)

  • My Views of Utah - New Page: Provo Tabernacle Fire: 17 Dec 2010, and followup, 13 Feb 2011
    (19 Feb 2011)

  • My Family - Update: New photos and updated information for everybody.
    (15 Nov 2010)

  • All Index Pages in this website - Update: Annual check of all index pages, repairing broken links, removing dead links, etc.
    (5 Feb 2010)

  • My Danish Photo Links - Update: Dead links removed. Now more than 25 links!
    (17 Jan 2010)

  • My Utah Pioneers - Clean-up: All links in "Known Descendants" section checked and corrected.
    (5 Apr 2009)

  • My Views of Wales - New Page: St. Non's Chapel and Well, St. David's, Pembrokeshire.
    (9 Jun 2005)

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*Unless otherwise noted, all photos on this website were taken by Venita, who also holds the copyright. Should you wish to download any of them for any reason (other than your own enjoyment), please credit  Venita  as the photographer and add my URL:

Comments are appreciated!

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