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Last Update: 18 Feb 2012
(See Hans LARSEN, Other & John LAMBERT, Other)

Grandchildren of Robert Moroni and Elena Dorothy LAMBERT MICHIE.
Taken at a family reunion held at North Park in Provo, Utah, July 1946.

(People are identified here.)

Photos of our ancestors are treasures in the true sense of the word. These pages were created to share digital copies of such treasures that have come into my hands through inheritance and through the generous willingness of relatives to share their photos with me. If you, also, have photos to share, please send me a digital copy attached to an email in which you identify the individual(s) and include any other information that might be helpful. If you prefer to send me a print by regular mail, I will happily accept it. If necessary, I can scan your print then return it to you. You may request my 'snail-mail' address by email.

The original size of some photos is larger than will be displayed here. When a photo has a blue border, you may click on it to see the larger version. If you choose to download a photo to print, the larger size will give a better quality result.

All photos are in JPG/JPEG format. I have some of the photos in TIFF format in my personal files. (TIFF format is higher quality and creates a much larger file than JPG/JPEG.) If you want a TIFF file of a particular photo, please send me an email with the details.

next to a name is a link to that person's history. next to a parent's name is a link to that family's section in my ancestral files.

Many thanks to everyone who has contributed and/or will contribute to these albums! Enjoy!!

Hans LARSEN family:
Wife: Eline Dorothe Stromberg (CHRISTIANSDATTER) BENTZEN
(Surviving children: Eline Hansene, Petrine Kristine, Marie Magdalene, John George Erastus)
John LAMBERT family:
First wife: Adelia GROESBECK
(Surviving children: Martha Adelaide, John Carlos, Mary Adelia, Sarah Amelia, Richard Franklin, Jedediah Grant, Ann Maria, Emma Cordelia, Mercy Harriet)

Second wife: Eline Hansena LARSEN
(Surviving children: Joseph Heber, Ephraim, Dan, Elena Dorothy, Mary Elizabeth, Rebecca Cornelia, John Benjamin, Emeline Agnes)

Richard LAMBERT family:
Brother of John LAMBERT

(Surviving children: John Henry, Joseph Richard, William Thornber, Mary Elizabeth, Daniel Freeman, Margaret Jane, Agnes Hannah, George Perry, Harriet Lucy, Alexander Franklin, Ellen Vay, Susannah Martha)

Robert MICHIE family:
Wife: Frances POTTS
(Surviving children: Agnes Catherine Harriet, Robert Moroni, Alice Matilda, Della, William George, Christiana)
Robert Moroni MICHIE family:
Wife: Elena Dorothy LAMBERT
(Surviving children: Della Eugenia, Myrtle Lizetta, Genevieve, Preal Francis, Marvin Robert, Fern Elena, Violet, Hilda, Lambert Moroni, Rula)
William LEWIS PARRY family:
First wife: Margaret THOMAS
(Surviving children: Gwenllian Lewis, David William, Thomas Reese, Margaret Jane)

Second wife: Mary Ann LEWIS JONES
(Mary Ann's surviving daughter from previous marriage: Rose Eleanor "Ella" JONES)


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