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Last update: 18 January 2018

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My father, Thomas Reese Parry, was an American born Welshman. My mother, Violet Michie, was also born in America, as were both her parents. Her father was Scottish and English; her mother was English and Danish. My paternal grandparents and maternal great grandparents all immigrated to America between 1840 and 1890, eventually settling in Utah. This photo of my parents was taken in the 1930s.

Below are the countries, counties, and parishes where my ancestors originated. Only the names of the parishes where the largest numbers of family records have been found are listed. Family branches may be found in surrounding parishes.

Welsh Ancestral Counties:

  • Breconshire
    Parish: Vaynor

  • Carmarthenshire
    Parishes: Myddfai

  • Glamorgan
    Parishes: Merthyr Tydfil, Ely, Wenvoe, Twyn yr Odyn

  • Monmouthshire
    Parishes: Caldicot

  • Pembrokeshire
    Parishes: Carew

English Ancestral Counties:

  • Kent
    Parishes: Faversham, Chilham, Chartham, Petham

  • Lancashire
    Parishes: Manchester, Broughton, Briercliffe, Colne

  • Yorkshire
    Parishes: Gisburn, Gargrave, Marton in Craven, Kildwick, Hutton Rudby


Scottish Ancestral County:

  • All of Scotland

Danish Ancestral Counties:

  • København:
    Parishes (Søgne): Garnison, Holmens, Trinitatis, Frederiksberg

  • Præstø:
    Parishes (Søgne): : Lyderslev, Højerup, Spjellerup, Røholte, Kongsted, Eskildstrup

Swedish Ancestral County:

  • Malmöhus:
    Parish: Borgeby

A tagged Google map for each of the above places may be found by clicking the country/county name below:






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DISCLAIMER: Although I think my research is good and my sources have been cited, you should confirm all information with your own research of primary sources. Please let me know if you find a documentable error. Thanks!

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See a list of SIGGESWICKs (and other spellings) in Hutton Rudby, 1711 - 1799.

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