Aberystwyth, Ceredigion (Cardiganshire)

National Library of Wales

Photos taken June 2000

Unless otherwise noted, all photos were taken by Venita.*

Many thanks to my 'editor' John Ball, without whose help the information on these pages would be full of errors!

Library building

Above: The National Library of Wales is located on a hill, just west of the Penglais Campus of the University of Wales and about a mile east of the seafront. "Since 1911 it has enjoyed the right to collect, free of charge, a copy of every printed work published in Britain and Ireland. In addition we have a huge collection of works about Wales and the other Celtic countries: books and pamphlets, magazines and newspapers, microforms, ephemera, and a wealth of electronic material." (Quoted from the NLW web page.)

Wall plaque

Above: A plaque on the south wall acknowledges the official opening of this building in 1937.

West drive

Above: Beautifully cared for gardens grace the drive passing in front of the building and curving uphill to the car park on the south.

The View West

Above: Looking southwest from the Library hill reveals this view of the town with a sports field just at the base of the hill.

Horse family

Above: A family of horses quietly passes the day in their pasture south of the car park. Mother grazes in the misty sunlight while the twins rest after a joyful romp. Father has chosen a shady spot near the trees.

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