Aberystwyth, Ceredigion (Cardiganshire)

Along the Promenade

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South Promenade

Above: After walking north about halfway, we look back south toward the Old College building. On our left are brightly painted hotels, many with bars on the ground floor. They are four or five stories tall, some offering rooms at the top with dormer windows.


Above: A bit farther north we come to the intersection with Terrace Road where we look to the right. Directly ahead is the Ceredigion Museum and Visitor Information Centre. Further along, heading east, are shops of all kinds and pubs, pubs, pubs! There are more than 50 pubs in Aberystwyth.

North Promenade

Above: Going north (on a sunnier day) we pass several more hotels. Each one has been painted in bright, cheerful colors, which is extremely helpful to a visitor trying to distinguish which one is his. Low tide reveals a very inviting beach, especially on such a brilliant day.


Above: My choice was this small, cozy Queensbridge Hotel at the northern end of the Promenade. My room was on the top floor, the dormer window on the left. I loved leaving the window open and listening to the waves breaking on the shingle (small rocks) on the beach below.

South beach

Above and below: Views from my dormer window on the first day of summer. Above: Looking south. The monument in the distance is the Aberystwyth War Memorial.

Below: Looking north. A handful of people take advantage of the warm summer sun.

North beach


Above: Spectacular sunsets were common, no matter what the weather. This one occurred at about 10:00 p.m. on the evening of the summer solstice after a brilliant, hot day.

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As much as I enjoyed the seaside, I had come to Aberystwyth to do research at the National Library. Please join me there for a few more photos. Turn to page 3.

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