Wales' Capital City

Cardiff, Glamorgan

Photos taken December 2001

(Unless otherwise noted, all photos on this website were taken by Venita.)*

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December in Cardiff is an experience I hadn't expected, but that's where I found myself in 2001. I spent a few days there before flying home after spending time farther north. The weather was mild, the grass was green, and the sun went down in the middle of the afternoon. I did some research at the record office and some Christmas shopping downtown, always being sure to finish before it got too dark to walk back to my hotel on Churchill Way without getting lost. On a couple of days I took photos, some in the morning, some in the afternoon. Wherever I looked I noticed the contrast between the 'old' Cardiff and the new modern buildings. It was a lovely, fascinating time.

Churchill Street

Above: Looking down Churchill Way toward Queen Street my eye was drawn to the contrast between the ninteenth-century buildings on my left and the twenty-first century, high-rise buildings on my right. The scaffolded building, shrouded in green plastic, is evidence of the continual construction that is common in a big city.

City United Reformed Church City United Reformed Church City United Reformed Church

Above and left: The City United Reformed Church on Windsor Place, probably once surrounded by a green churchyard, is now surrounded by businesses and car parks.

Cardiff Castle

Above: Perhaps the greatest contrast in the city is here with Cardiff Castle on the right and modern shops on the ground floors of much newer buildings on the left. Although visible castle wall and tower were built in the 19th century, some of the castle ruins inside the walls date from medieval times. The property is now in the care of the Cardiff City Council and is a popular tourist site.


Above: In the direction opposite to the one above, there is a small park, and beyond it government buildings including City Hall and the National Museum of Wales.

City Hall and Museum

Above: A closer view of Cardiff City Hall (near) and the National Museum.

University of Wales

Above: A short walk from the City Hall brought me here, Cardiff University, my ultimate destination in the city. The Glamorgan records office is just down the path on the left side of this building, the archive of many records of interest to family history researchers.

*Unless otherwise noted, all photos on this website were taken by Venita, who also holds the copyright. Should you wish to download any of them for any reason (other than your own enjoyment), please credit  Venita  as the photographer and add my URL:

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