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Alpine Loop Scenic Drive, Page 2

Between Provo Canyon and American Fork Canyon,
behind Mount Timpanogos

Photos taken June 2002

Photos by Venita*

Mount Timpanogos essentially stands alone in the Wasatch Range. Provo Canyon divides it from the mountains to the south and American Fork Canyon divides it from the mountains to the north. It is oriented more from northwest to southeast than directly north and south. The road through Provo Canyon connects Utah Valley with Heber Valley. The road through American Fork Canyon becomes the Alpine Loop and ends where it connects with the Provo Canyon road.

Timp from Utah Lake

Above: The "face" of Mount Timpanogos as seen from Utah Lake, looking northeast from west Provo. (Photo taken in April 2001.)

Below: The "back" of Mount Timpanogos as seen from Deer Creek Lake in Provo Canyon, looking southwest. (Photo taken in June 1999.)

Can you see the sleeping princess lying along the top?

Timp from Deer Creek

Princess head

Above: Is this the princess' head or her feet? It is the northern end of the mountain as seen near the summit. In the above photos, this part of the mountain is at the far left in the top one and the far right in the bottom.

Campground entrance

Above: Going down American Fork Canyon brings several changes in the surroundings. The aspen forests have become forests of mixed varieties of deciduous and conifer trees. For example, while before there were few places to stop along the road and no picnic or camp sites, now we find frequent entrances to campgrounds such as the one above. The blooming shrubs are Chokecherries. The small bitter fruit they produce in the fall was highly prized by the local Indian tribes as part of their diet and was found abundantly in these mountains. They are still harvested by local residents and made into a delicious, clear red, just tart enough jelly.

American Fork River

Above: The road follows the course of the American Fork river. More small streams join this one before it eventually empties into the northern end of Utah Lake in the valley below.

Above: Monkeyflowers and Fireweed brighten the edge of a steep slope accented by the several shades of green in the trees and shrubs.

From the crossroads

Above: We'll take one last look at "Timp" before getting into the narrows of the canyon. On another day we'll make a stop a few miles ahead at Timpanogos Cave National Monument and see the heart of the sleeping princess and her lake of tears.

Our choices now are to go back to the Provo side, back to the fork in the road and take the fork to Cascade Springs, or go back to the Index and find another place in Utah to visit.

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