A Fall Flight Through Provo Canyon

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Photos by Venita*

Sleeping Princess

Above: This shot of beautiful Mount Timpanogas, a prominent feature of Utah Valley, shows the "Sleeping Princess." A legend tells of an Indian Princess of one tribe being in love with the son of the Chief of an enemy tribe, with the predictable consequences. When she died, her body was lain on the top of this mountain and her tears created a lake just below the glacier (barely visable as a lighter spot below the highest rim). Her broken heart can be seen inside Timpanogas Cave which is accessible in American Fork Canyon. Can you see her outline?

A rainbow of colors

Above: A veritable rainbow of leaf colors dress the foot hills surrounding Timpanogas. Her highest peak rises in elevation to just under 13,000 ft. The mountains in the distance are just east of Salt Lake City.

Haze in the valley

Above: Heading west we see Utah Valley a few miles in the distance under a cloud of haze and smog, unfortunately.

Pines and Aspens

Above: Just before leaving the canyon we passed this forest. The dark green of the pines is beautifully contrasted by the brilliant golden aspen. A lovely ending to a fascinating flight. Thank you, Ross!

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A Fall Flight Through Provo Canyon.

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