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A Winter Olympic Experience

February 2002

Provo Ice Sculptures

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Unable to afford tickets to the Olympic competitions or other paid events, many of us still enjoyed the atmosphere of celebration along the Wasatch Front in Utah. Provo hosted ice sculpturing in downtown parks accompanied by live performances by a variety of musicians. Flags of many nations were displayed on homes, businesses and along city streets. Athletes and visitors were welcomed wherever they went and stayed as guests in private homes. Utah had a winter party and invited the world. We're glad so many came and hope everyone had a positive experience.

downtown Provo lights 

Above: Downtown Provo became a magical winter wonderland after the sun went down.


Above: A small rink invited novice ice skaters to give it a go at no charge.


Above: Huge ice sculptures representing the continents of the world surrounded the ice rink. This one for Austrailia was completed early and showed the effects of a day of sunlight.

South America

Above: South America is represented by high mountains, mountain animals and mountain people all blessed by the sun.

North America

Above: The Statue of Liberty is a familiar symbol of America. Her day in sunlight caused her to drop her torch and her hand, unfortunately.


Above: An artist and his crew worked late into the night on this sculpture of the Eiffel Tower, representative of Europe. Notice the chain saw near the white bucket. The saw is one of the main tools the sculptor uses.


Above: Another work in progress features some familiar animals of the African wildlands. Notice the careful detail of the animal coats and the surrounding plants.


Above: Asia was represented by this fine dragon with curving body and a variety of scales and other details. One could expect fire to spew from its mouth. (Photo by Syd)


Above: This ice palace was a favorite of both children and adults. Special lighting made it migically inviting at night.

Below: Inside the palace one expects to find a throne. Children lined up for a chance to sit here for a photo opportunity. These two young "princes" shared the icy seat just long enough for cameras to flash.


On another day I visited Salt Lake City. To share some of the photos I took there, go to page 2.

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