My Views of Utah

A Winter Olympic Experience

February 2002

Salt Lake City Streetscenes

Roundabout with flags

Above: On the way out of Provo we passed this roundabout which is near The Peaks arena, the site of the women's hockey venue. The rock monument in front says, "Provo Welcomes the World."


Above: To control traffic, several downtown Salt Lake City streets were closed to regular traffic. We parked our car about 15 miles south of town and rode the commuter train, UTA TRAX. Several commuter trains and busses were borrowed from other states to facilitate transportation of people.

Notice the woman near the center of the photo wearing a blue coat with a white Olympic snowflake trim. This style of coat was a familiar sight wherever we went since such coats were given to Olympic volunteers. The coats were in many different colors, each color denoting a particular category of volunteer, such as medical, security, information, etc.

Budweiser beer wagon

Above: The famous Budweiser beer wagon pulled by eight matching Clydesdale horses passed just as we got off the train. We were just able to catch a photo of it going up the street. The horses were a daily attraction when they took their exercise on the streets of the city and as they rested in a specially built portable barn erected for their use in nearby Gallivan Plaza. (Photo by Syd)

Lunch at the mall

Above: Lunch at a nearby mall gave us a chance to get out of the cold wind and to spend some time people watching. A wide variety of vendors offered many types of food for sale including Japanese, Greek, Mexican, Italian, and others in addition to the American hamburger stand.

Below: Chazz is enjoying his choice!

Chazz and fries

Line up to go in

Above: In order to enter Olympic Square everyone had to pass through the magnetometers and have their bags checked. The process was quick and efficient and people didn't seem to mind waiting in line for several minutes.

Temple Square

Above: As the sun began to set the lights came on in Temple Square highlighting the buildings there. Just inside the wall is the Assembly Building with the spires of the Temple visible behind it. The multi-storied LDS Church Office building is near the center of the photo and the Joseph Smith building is at its right.

Medals Plaza Flags

Above: Flags of each of the eighty participating nations not only adorned Olympic Square but were seen in every direction. (Photo by Syd)

Olympic Flame

Above: The Olympic Flame burned continuously at Rice Stadium at the University of Utah, the site of the opening and closing ceremonies. On the night we visited, there was a rehearsal of the closing ceremony. Spotlights on the flags enhanced our view.

Olympic Flame 2

(Photo by Syd)

One of my favorite experiences was a visit to Abravanel Concert Hall for an exhibit of Dale Chihuly's glass. See my favorite pieces on page 3.

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