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John slipped his hand into his pocket to check once more. Yes, the bloody kerchief, and the lead ball wrapped inside it, were there. Every time he touched it, the awful scenes of the Prophet’s martyrdom flashed before his eyes. He had been there, arriving just seconds too late to stop the murders of Joseph and Hyrum. Tears welled in his eyes whenever he remembered that day, but this day he put those scenes behind him and faced the future. It was February 1846, just past five years since they had left England. Everything was loaded into the wagon and the family was on their way across the frozen Mississippi River, fleeing from persecution, and another home they thought they would never leave. He sat beside his bride of two weeks, his widowed mother next to them. His youngest brother, Joey, was following behind on a horse. His only sister, Lizzy, and their other brother, Richard, were not with them. They had said they would bring their young families along later, maybe in the spring, maybe after the harvest. Or maybe they would stay in Hancock County and wait for Joseph Smith III to grow up and lead the church. Why follow Brigham Young to an unknown place?



I just finished reading your book and absolutely loved it. You did such a great job... Are you writing a sequel to carry the Lambert family on to Salt Lake? I hope so. It was such great reading and provided such insight into their history from the perspective of someone who lived it. ~Vaughn Lewis

Thanks cousin Venita, more than I can say. This is a fascinating treasure! ~David Poore

Have you published this great book? I would like to buy a hard copy. ~Ralph Montgomery

I am amazed. I felt like I was traveling with the family from the beginning to the end and it was awesome, wonderful, sad and inspiring. I was just a little disappointed that it stopped, I could have read, and read some more it was just so good. ~Shirley Weitman

Loved the book; we too are looking for the sequel. We printed the book, then took it to Staples and had it spiral bound. It will be a good keepsake. ~Dallin Wrigley

I finished reading your book. I liked it a lot. Maura is reading it now. Do you plan to write another taking the family from MO to their lives in UT? ~Lloyd Carlson

I finished the book a couple of weeks ago and loved it. I was so caught up in the story that I went to FamilyTree to see where John's siblings ended up, wondering if they came west and stayed in the church. It appeared that his materialistic brother opted to stay in the world. Is that right? What happened to Joseph? I noticed he died in Utah not too long after they arrived and that there was no wife listed. I got so involved with the Lamberts that I wanted to know the rest of the story. I know some of the next generation married into my family, but I didn't know about the rest. Maybe I need a sequel. ~Coy Harmon

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