Fourth Grade, Joaquin School

Were you there? Do you recognize anyone? I remember that we all dressed up as Pioneers and Indians for the day and had this group picture taken in the library. I don't remember anything else about the day except that I had forgotten to dress up so I ran home at lunch and found an apron and a shawl to put on. I've identified the faces I recognize. Please help me fill in the blanks, and share any memories you have about the occassion. ~Venita

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Adults, from left: Miss Renee Strong, Secretary; Mr. Strate, Principal; Mrs. Liechthy, Teacher; Mr. Ross Denham (?), Teacher; Mrs. Turner, Librarian; Miss/Mrs. _____, Teacher; Miss Roberts, Teacher.

Kids: back row, beginning left: _____, Dick Bolton (?), Kay Smith, Colleen McConkie, Clifford Holt, Brent Dickson, _____, Suzanne Bee, Afton Mayberry, Doreen (?) _____, _____, Connie Bills, Blaine Porter, _____, Sherman Payne, Shirley Van Cott, John Ashby, Delores Nelson, Barbara Blackett, Monya Austin, Valerie Short, Selene Sandberg, Virginia Luke.

Second row from back, beginning left: George Thomas, Bob Lewis, Kay Brandon, _____, _____, Joe Beecroft, Richard Finlayson, Kent Nelson, Earl Jackson, Roy Johnson, David Thayne, Fay Coleman, Ted Dowling, _____, _____, _____, _____, David Hamblin (?).

Seated on chairs, beginning left: Bill Clayton, _____, Vickie Peterson, _____, Karen Jones, Neil Hutchinson, _____, Darryl Steele, Pauline Hackley, David Ross, Carolyn Jensen, Martin Weeks, _____, _____, Sue Hughes, Howard Rowley, _____, ______, Virginia Clark, _____, Janice Mitchell, Joyce Mitchell, Larry Nelson.

Group, left of table, beginning back left: Michael Morgan, Linda McKell, Lee Gibson, Joan Crowther, R.D. Muhlestein. Middle: John George, Dee Ann Clinger, Marilyn Purvance, Norma Hedquist, Tommy Hall, Roy Griffiths, _____. Front: Venita Parry, Marilyn Lowe, Mary Ann Startup, _____, _____.

Group, right of table, beginning back left: Virginia Washburn, Kathy Luke, Linnaea Harrison, Margaret Spendlove, _____, _____. Middle: Dee Ann Adamson, Janet Carter, Nedra Housekeeper, _____, _____. Front: Billy Wood, Kenneth Stone, _____, Glen McKell, Carolyn Ashby, _____.

X = X = X = X = X = X = X = X = X = X

Most of the other faces look familiar, but I can't put names to them!
Please send any additions or corrections to Venita.
Monya has sent some, but there are still plently to be identified. Thanks, Monya!

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